“I’m going to do everything in my power to help protect what’s important to you and to help you live a healthier life.”

Luis is a Broker at Seattle Insurance Group (SIG); Luis earned SIG Rookie of Year while an Associate Broker.  Luis specializes in helping clients with retirement planning, advance planning and Medicare solutions.  He also has a passion for helping those with limited income and resources gain access to the healthcare they need.  After attending Eastern Oregon University and receiving a Bachelor’s degree in International Business, he relocated to Issaquah, Washington.  He is fluent in Spanish and has helped many Spanish-speaking clients; he gains inspiration and motivation through putting smiles on clients when he’s able to help them. He enjoys riding motorcycles, playing basketball, golfing, hiking, and camping.  Luis is an Idaho native and currently resides with his fiancée in Issaquah, Washington.

Luis is licensed to conduct business in WA and ID

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